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  April 29, 2019

This is the only time we will probably ever have for an option to replace our perimeter fence with something other than cedar. There are several other neighborhoods watching this closely in hopes that we will be successful so that our example can become a model for others to follow.


If you need a refresher on the details or have not yet caught up to this project, you will find the PowerPoint of the presentation from the Community meetings and a narrative on the HOA website. Also, feel free to email the fence committee at if you have any questions.
  February 1, 2019


What’s the plan?


It is time to make the decision as a community on how to replace our “end-of-life” perimeter cedar fence.  As you may know, a joint WC 1 and 2 HOA committee has recommended making an application with the City of Centennial to establish a General Improvement District (a GID) with an appropriate mill levy property tax to service bonds that will fund construction and maintenance of a masonry fence and entrance monuments. 

After studying professional project analysis and cost projections from ICON Engineering and Ehlers & CO, investment bankers, the Joint HOA Perimeter Fence Committee is pleased to announce that it has a specific GID perimeter masonry wall concept, pricing and action plan that has been endorsed by the Board of Directors of both HOAs and is ready for launch. 

Please join us at your choice of one of the following community meetings to discuss these details and kick off the process that will authorize an application to the City for creation of the GID that will build and maintain a new masonry fence.  Once the application is accepted by the City, a municipal election will be scheduled and included on the normal November 2019 election ballot mailed to all registered voters in Willow Creek 1 and 2 HOAs.  At the Community meetings, complete details of the proposal will be presented, your questions will be answered, and registered voters in WC 1 and 2 HOA will be asked to sign a petition in support of the GID.

Homeowners who live along the perimeter fence will also be asked to sign a document that ratifies the use of the existing easement along the back of their lots to facilitate construction and maintenance of the replacement masonry fence.

Each meeting is open to both Willow Creek 1 and Willow Creek 2 homeowners and will be held at the following locations.  Each meeting is intended for homeowners of both HOA 1 and 2.

  • Thursday, February 21, 2019 at 6:30 PM – Willow Creek 1 Clubhouse (8050 E. Jamison Dr)

  • Saturday, February 23, 2019 at 10 AM – Willow Creek 2 Clubhouse (8500 E. Mineral Dr)

  • Saturday, February 23, 2019 at 2 PM – Willow Creek 2 Clubhouse (8500 E. Mineral Dr)

  • Monday, February 25, 2019 at 6:30 PM – Willow Creek 1 Clubhouse (8050 E. Jamison Dr)

This is a critical meeting for this project, and it is important that every homeowner find a meeting date and time that they can attend.
  December 3, 2018


As you know from a previous announcement, this project was put on hold while attorneys from Willow Creek 1 and 2 and the Committee worked on resolutions to property rights and legal issues.  Those issues have now been resolved, and the committee is working to refine wall construction costs and the necessary mill levy using two professional companies who are contracted at a cost not to exceed $5,800. 

After a favorable feasibility report from these two companies, who are preparing a provisional project cost projection and estimated Mill Levy calculation, the committee will conduct HOA homeowner meetings to re-launch this proposal and move forward with the process to establish a General Improvement District with the City of Centennial.  This process will result in an election for the community at large to authorize the tax mill levy to fund the project.

In the meantime, volunteers are being requested for the following function:


The HOA Joint Perimeter Fence Committee is seeking Willow Creek homeowners who are a Notary Public to volunteer their service for documents that homeowners whose lots abut the perimeter will be asked to sign.  Early next year at a series of meetings, these homeowners will be asked to sign a validation document concerning the existing easement across their property.  These documents will require notarization at the time of signature.  There will probably be two meetings spaced out over each of two weekends for affected homeowners as well as an occasional need to accompany a Perimeter Fence Committee member on a visit to a homeowner’s residence for a document signature.  If you are able to volunteer for this service to your community, it will save the HOA the expense of hiring Notaries for these functions.  Please contact Dave Jackson by e-mail at or text to 303-570-2077.