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  May 11, 2020
GID Status – Perimeter Fence Project (continued)

If there is any good news in all of this, it is apparent that when we get back on track, interest rates may be even lower and construction costs could also be considerably lower. It is difficult to predict at this time how much these circumstances have slowed down the initiation of construction, but we will let you know when there is more to report. As we all have had to learn during these times, we must be patient as we work our way through the pandemic. Finally, recognizing the financial impact of the current stay-at-home orders, it is good to know that the property tax associated with the GID will not begin to be collected until the spring of 2021.

  February 23, 2020
GID Perimeter Fence Moving Forward (continued)

In its official role as the Willow Creek 1 & 2 General Improvement District Board of Directors (the GID Board), the Centennial City Council held its first meeting on Monday evening, February 10, 2020.  At this meeting three actions were taken:

  1. Tony Escobar (WC1) and Dave Jackson (WC2) were appointed as the Willow Creek 1 & 2 GID Representative and Alternate, respectively.  This function is required by Centennial Municipal Code and establishes the official communication and reporting line between the GID Board and City Staff, and the Willow Creek GID community regarding GID matters.

  2. An official seal of the GID was adopted, as required by statute.

  3. A budget of $150,000 was established to fund preliminary work to begin designing the wall and monuments, and develop cost estimates to be used to initiate underwriting of the bonds to fund the full engineering and construction of both elements. The GID Board approved a corresponding $150,000 loan from the City’s General Fund at a 1.75% interest rate to fund the budget.  Without this loan, funds would not be available to initiate the project until WC 1 & 2 property taxes were collected in 2021.  This loan allows the project to immediately proceed with engaging a design firm, an engineering firm, and utility and geotechnical surveys without having to wait for tax proceeds in 2021.  This loan will be repaid upon receipt of the bond funds.

In the meantime, and as reported in the January newsletter, the GID Design Committee and GID Advisory Board have been established.

The GID Design Committee consists of 15 WC 1 & 2 residents who have been meeting weekly since January 15 to develop conceptual designs and options for the various aesthetic aspects of the planned Allan Block wall and monuments.  These design options are all within the scope of the project that was approved in the November 2019 election.  In mid-February, the GID engaged Norris Design, a professional design firm specializing in architectural and landscape design, to work with the Committee to create design concepts for the project.  These will then be presented to the WC 1 & 2 HOA Boards, and the community at large, at several meetings this spring.

Again, thank you for your ongoing support of this project.  Please direct any comments or suggestions you have to our two GID Representatives at and