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  October 5, 2020

To vote:
  1. Complete the ballot mailed to you.            
  2. Insert your ballot into the accompanying GOLD envelope labeled SECRET BALLOT and seal.            
  3. Please insert your GOLD envelope into the accompanying envelope that is addressed to TMMC Property and has your return address pre-printed and postage pre-affixed; seal this envelope. VALIDATE YOU ARE USING THE ENVELOPE ADDRESSED TO TMMC.
  4. Place this envelope in a US Postal Service box and mail so they arrive at TMMC by October 30, 2020, 7 p.m.            
  5. Alternatively, you may also drop off your sealed envelopes at the Mineral Clubhouse either from 7:30 – 9:30 a.m. or 4 – 7 p.m. Thursday October 22, or the same times on Friday October 30. Note: Any ballots dropped off should be placed in the SECRET BALLOT GOLD envelope and that envelope placed in the accompanying envelope that is addressed to TMMC Property and has your return address pre-printed and postage pre-affixed; seal this envelope.            

Note: For homeowners who misplace ballots, contact TMMC so that a new one can be mailed to you or visit the Mineral Clubhouse during the hours stated above where we will have extra ballots and envelopes. All ballots MUST be received either by TMMC in their office in Castle Rock or in the ballot box at the Mineral Clubhouse by 7 p.m. on Friday, Oct 30, 2020.

  August 27, 2020
Board Openings (continued)

Ben Huber

Volunteering and giving back to the community in which one lives is fundamentally important to the health of a community. I would love the opportunity to bring my knowledge and experiences to bear on the goal of making our beloved community a better place to live for all the individuals and families who call Willow Creek their home.

My wife, Libby Huber, and I moved to Willow Creek in April of 2019. As first-time homeowners the importance of finding a home within a safe, accepting, caring community was unmatched in our decision-making process. We certainly found that in Willow Creek. A few days after we moved in (nothing more than various new neighbors to us then, but now some of our good friends) took time out of their busy lives to assemble a welcome basket, bake cookies, or just stop by to introduce themselves. I told my wife two things then; first, I thought that only happened in movies, and second, we found our home, not just a place to live.

I work as a Financial Advisor with Edward Jones. You may have had an encounter with some of my colleagues introducing themselves around the neighborhood from time to time. I have spent most of my career working in the wealth management industry with an eight-month gap where I took an opportunity to work for now Governor of Alaska Mike Dunleavy as his Finance Aide in that states legislative branch of government.

Libby currently works as a speech pathologist at Cherry Creek High School where she is entering her fourth year serving the wonderful schools in our community. Primarily tasked with working with children with special needs, she is passionate about fostering inclusive opportunities for all students at CCHS and in the community.

We have two dogs, a four-year-old Boxer named Jager, and a year-old Black Lab named Doc who keep us company. Both of our 'boys' enjoy our family walks around Willow Creek and its numerous greenbelts. When we aren't working, we enjoy participating in the myriad of outdoor activities our great state has to offer including hiking, camping, fishing, biking, and skiing.

I'd greatly appreciate your consideration for an HOA Board position in Willow Creek. I believe my unique background, education, and life experiences alone make me a great candidate for the position. More importantly, though, I would treasure the opportunity to do my part to serve and give back to the community I cherish.

George Poggioli

We purchased a home in Willow Creek because of its award-winning elementary school, attractive pools, and open space. Let’s face facts: the fence even looked tired back in 2012 and everyone agrees that the fence’s current condition is not reflective of WC2. We rely on our Board to maintain the common property for the benefit of the membership. If the Board ignores the fence, that’s a choice with which we must live. As a regular attendee of Board meetings for nearly the past 2 years, my opinion is that most of our voluntary Board members are thoughtful and considerate of the membership they serve. For example, the pool was open this summer only because of the hard work of a few on the Board, and the Board’s willingness to adapt to the community’s concern was critical to that success. A GID now also governs WC2. But, unlike the challenging decision to open our pools during a pandemic, the addition of a GID fundamentally changed our HOA. I always believed that the decision to pursue the GID would be brought up for a proper HOA member vote, and I continue to believe that an HOA vote concerning the HOA’s dedication of the fence to the GID is in the best interest of WC2. Rather than searching for legal loopholes to accomplish this end, we should honor our governing documents and do so via a proper vote. These are the documents we agreed to with the purchase of our homes. To advance the GID without the membership, the 2019 Board unnecessarily granted themselves complete power over the Association’s common property in the Bylaws. Whether intentional or not, the updates bypass your property rights guaranteed by our Declaration of Covenants. The scope of the Bylaws’ update is not limited to a fence and already has resulted in a de facto dues increase that bypassed a member vote, which should have required 2/3 homeowner assent and 60% quorum with each home getting just one vote. As your Board member I would support HOA votes over loopholes and will do my best to return the WC2 Association to its members.



Daniel Reitz

I’m volunteering to serve on the board to continue protecting and enhancing the hallmarks of neighborhood life that my family and I have enjoyed over the past 17 years as Willow Creek 2 homeowners.  For the last eight years I’ve volunteered on our Maintenance Committee, enjoying the challenges of maintaining and enhancing our lovely greenbelts, which make our neighborhood a premier place to live. During this time I’ve organized numerous volunteer tree planting events, orchestrated this year’s installation of homeowner-provided pollinator and bird houses, designed planted areas to replace our dated juniper landscaping, created a digital tree survey (we have over 750!), and worked to revitalize our aging irrigation infrastructure.  

I previously served on the HOA Board from 2014-2017 as both vice president and Maintenance Committee liaison.  I was a board member when discussions began about replacing our aging cedar fence with masonry, and I’ve been a strong supporter of the GID-funded perimeter fence project.  Through my eight years of service, I’ve gained an in-depth understanding of how our HOA works and the increasing financial challenges we face to balance rising costs against homeowner dues and residents’ expectations as our neighborhood ages.  I have firsthand knowledge of how much time and effort are required to be an active, effective board member.  

In my professional life, I shepherd multimillion-dollar software projects of national significance as an engineering manager. I have a graduate degree in electrical engineering and bachelor’s degrees in both engineering and history.  I also have an extensive education in horticulture and landscape maintenance through more than a dozen courses offered by the Denver Botanic Gardens’ Rocky Mountain Gardening Certificate program. 

 My wife Kristi, an internal medicine physician, and I purchased our home in WC2 in 2003, attracted by the neighborhood’s year-round beauty, many family-friendly outdoor amenities, and friendly neighbors.  We now continue to enjoy our greenbelts, pools, and tennis courts with our two sons.

In asking for your vote in this election, I’m honored to have the support of a number of current and former board and committee members and fellow residents who know of my longstanding work ethic and dedication to our neighborhood.  I have the background and motivation to continue to address future challenges and will dedicate the time and effort to achieve results.  If elected, I will foster a close connection between the board and the Maintenance Committee and do my best to ensure that our neighborhood thrives for years to come. Thank you for your consideration.

Please feel free to contact me at or 720-219-6971. 


Darrin Rich

My wife, four-year-old daughter and two dogs are new to Willow Creek (December 2019) and are always looking for ways to get involved with the community. The fam and I are all native-born Coloradans, and I met my wife while attending the University of Colorado. We are very community-focused and are members of the Denver Zoo, Denver Art Museum, The Denver Museum of Nature and Science (I am also a Friend of the DMNS Institute for Science & Policy) as well as our church parish. We are excited to be part of the community and have enjoyed meeting many of our neighbors whether it be at the Willow and Mineral Pools, Wednesday food truck night, or even for an impromptu jam session in the greenbelt celebrating a neighbor’s 60th birthday.

I currently work as an information technology executive for a multi-national healthcare company. As such, I manage a department of over 30 employees and a multimillion-dollar budget. I also hold a LEAN Six Sigma Green Belt, and I think that I can bring a great deal of organizational value to the HOA. As a driven and versatile professional, I possess a proven track record of improving efficiency and increasing performance, conduct contract negotiations, form strategic partnerships, draft and manage budgets, and successfully plan and execute complex projects. I think that the community can benefit from my insight and my keen ability to evaluate and assess evolving community needs.

Blair Zykan

In 1994 I purchased my first home in Willow Creek.  My partner, Leslie, grew up in the neighborhood.  We each raised kids here, recently purchasing our “forever home” together.  We’re passionate about the community and plan to be here for the rest of our lives.  That passion is why I’m running for the Board.  Years ago, I served a term on the WC2 Board, learning how good governance, steered by committed volunteers, is crucial to maintaining the amenities, culture, and home values that make Willow Creek such a desirable place to live.

If elected, I will focus on several priority areas: 

  • First, I will work to ensure the perimeter wall project is a terrific success.  Since February I have served on the Fence Design Committee.   As the project moves from design into construction, I believe that experience will be valuable to have on the Board as we navigate important decisions related to its successful completion. 

  • Second, I care deeply about our greenbelts and common areas.  Leslie and I walk the paths virtually every day, and believe they are the feature that most uniquely distinguishes Willow Creek from other metro neighborhoods.  Water conservation will be increasingly important over the coming years.  I fully support it.  That said, I am equally confident the conservation goals can be achieved without sacrificing the well-maintained beauty of our greenbelts.   As a Board Member, I will work creatively and diligently to help make that happen.

  • Finally, I believe in proactive communication and bringing people together.  In 2019, I was the founder and organizer of the Willowstock Music Festival.  With strong support from the WC2 Board, more than two dozen neighbors and fellow musicians teamed up to create a fun, community-building event for everyone to enjoy.  It took more than an announcement in the Willow Talk to make the event a success.  We used social media, yard signs, posters, emails, viral marketing and personal communication.  As a Board Member, you can count on me to do the same.  To communicate pro-actively and effectively.  To engage teams for the greater good.  And, to do my best to help shape a bright future for Willow Creek.

I welcome your questions or thoughts about these priorities, or others you may have.  You can reach me at, or call at 303.324.7606.