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  October 7, 2021 
How to Vote for the Board of Directors

1. Complete the ballot mailed to you by TMMC. 

2. Insert this ballot into the accompanying GOLD envelope labeled SECRET BALLOT and seal.

3. Insert your GOLD envelope into the accompanying envelope that is addressed to TMMC Property and has your return address pre-printed and postage pre-affixed; seal this envelope.

4. Place this envelope in a US Postal Service box and mail so they arrive at TMMC by October 28, 2021.

Alternatively, you may drop off your sealed envelopes at the Mineral Clubhouse during the Annual Member meeting on Wednesday, October 20th, or between 7:30 – 9:30 a.m. or 4 – 7 p.m. on Thursday, October 21st, or the same times on Thursday, October 28th. Note: any ballots dropped off must also be placed in the SECRET BALLOT GOLD envelope and that envelope placed in the accompanying envelope that is addressed to TMMC Property and has your return address pre-printed and postage pre-affixed; seal this envelope.

For homeowners who misplace ballots, contact TMMC so that a new one can be mailed to you or visit the Mineral Clubhouse during the hours stated above where we will have extra ballots and envelopes. 

All ballots MUST be received by TMMC in their office in Castle Rock or in the ballot box at the Mineral Clubhouse no later than 7 pm on Thursday, October 28, 2021

  September 12, 2021
Board Candidate Biographies (continued)

Richard Fischer – Candidate for Willow Creek 2 Board of Directors


My wife, Jaci, and I have lived in Willow Creek since 1984. We were living on the north side of Denver but found ourselves always in the Inverness/DTC area. After looking for a long time, we decided on Willow Creek, and in particular specific homes, and then we waited until one came on the market.  We did this because we felt that this was the most complete neighborhood we had encountered. Not only were the houses reasonably priced and well designed with quality workmanship, but there was a true feeling of community, a great neighborhood school and amenities to interest and entice all residents.  I have never regretted our decision.


Communities need attention in order to maintain the qualities that attracted us in the first place.  The stewards of the past have done a magnificent job in achieving this.  We can’t, however, always put the burden on others.  So, it’s my turn to carry the torch.  I will not reinvent the wheel, but I will make sure the wheel is round and rolling.


This wonderful community needs to be maintained, and we must be conscious of the changing world around us. We are no longer the last stop before heading south out of Denver.  Likewise, the world is changing and we can debate whether that’s good or not. Maintaining the quality and value of our community needs cognizant awareness … and money. Unfortunately, that’s one of the facts of life. Your HOA directors are assigned to achieve this task at a prudent price … To get the best bang for your buck!


I have raised my family here, and Willow Creek will always have a special place in my heart.  My Lab, Boone, loves the greenbelt and walking to Willow I to visit his lab brother, Watson.  Everybody seems to know Boone, even though I might not know as many of you as I would like.


I believe that I can be a capable steward. I have worked as a CPA before developing homes for various home builders as well as directing the design and construction of numerous projects. I’ve been deeply involved in all aspects of the home development business for over 40 years. I understand the business of building and maintaining home communities, including the property maintenance, construction oversight, financial management and interacting with all facets and personnel to achieve a successful outcome. This is essentially the same function as an HOA Director. I’ve been around the block. I will do whatever is necessary to maintain such a neighborhood jewel.


Your vote or proxy will allow me to work on your behalf.


Richard Fischer  -   303-881-8950

Dave Jackson Candidate for Re-election to Willow Creek 2 Board of Directors


You may remember me asking many of you for your proxy to vote for the recent dues increase.  I’m asking you now for your vote/proxy to serve you for a third term on the HOA Board of Directors.  As an original first homeowner in 1977, I also served during the 1980s on both the Maintenance Committee and the Board of Directors, including as Board President.  I’m proud to have been part of this “pioneering” role, helping to set up policies and procedures that have served us well over the years.


I’m seeking a third term now so I can continue to follow through on the completion of our Allan Block masonry perimeter fence, and to foster the best use of our dues increase, honoring your priorities, as expressed in the 2018 infrastructure survey.  Now that our amenities and infrastructure are 44 years old and at or near the end of their lifecycles, my priority will be to wisely use our added dues increase revenue for their improvement or replacement, and to continue to utilize my wealth of institutional knowledge about HOA operations. Finally, because I’m retired, I have ample time to study issues and follow through on projects in the hands-on, time intensive way that successful outcomes always seem to require. 


As I walked door to door during the dues increase election process, I learned anew about all that you take pride in and value in our community, as well as your concerns.  If re-elected, the knowledge I’ve gained from speaking with many of you again so recently will guide me through another term in representing your interests as our neighborhood transforms into a new era of mature and younger generations, with amenities that benefit and enhance our family experiences and our home values. 


Mary and I are original homeowners in WC2, having lived in our home on Willow Circle now for 44 years. Professionally, I enjoyed a 37-year career in management for a top five Fortune 500 company.  In 2008 I was elected to the South Metro Fire Rescue (SMFR) Board of Directors, where during 12 years of service, I helped guide and oversee the consolidation of four adjacent fire districts into the second largest fire district in Colorado, the national award-winning SMFR Authority, which currently serves and protects 540,000+ South Metro Denver residents.  These consolidations created an organization of optimal size for most efficient operations, resulting in better services and property tax and insurance savings for all who live, work, and/or own property within the Authority.


I’m asking for your vote/proxy so I may continue to utilize my experience, skills, and knowledge in working for the benefit of our WC2 community.  If re-elected, I will strive to ensure a balance between your expectations, new trends, and our HOA covenants, employing sound fiscal policies that deliver exceptional value for our homeowner dues.  Please continue to share your thoughts, concerns, and visions for the HOA with me and, as always, never hesitate to contact me at or 303-770-6247.

George Poggioli - Candidate for Willow Creek 2 Board of Directors


If you appreciate this candid discussion concerning your home, our neighborhood, and our HOA, I would appreciate your vote. 

In the November 2020 Willow Talk, the Board presented $4.9 million as the cost “to engineer and construct the wall.” This is extremely misleading because it implies that is the total cost.  In fact, the City sold $4.34 million in bonds and charged investors a premium so that investors could get a higher interest rate. The total cost actually comes to $5.2 million and the average interest rate on the bonds is 3%. But, because the County gets 1.5% of each dollar collected (principal + interest or $7.8 million) over the next 30 years, our effective rate is 5%. Not only is this rate inconsistent with current trends, the result is that the total cost to build the wall is close to $1 million more than we were promised.  Further, the WC2 Board agreed to these terms without question when it was presented by the Willow Creek GID (WCGID) representative during the 10/20 Board meeting. [The cost for this project per homeowner averages $300/year (you can find your actual cost at]

Now, the Board is about to make a fundamental change in how the WC2 HOA is governed. As a homeowner with an equal share to any board member, you are guaranteed certain rights. “The right of the association to dedicate or transfer ALL OR ANY PART of the common properties to any public agency, authority, or utility for such purposes and subject to such conditions as may be agreed to by the MEMBERS.” (Declaration of Covenants Article V Section 3.B). All or any part of the common properties,” defined by the covenants as real property, includes the fence itself and any interest in the real property, such as an easement. Public agency, authority or utility” includes the WCGID, defined by Colorado law as a public or quasi-municipal subdivision of the state. An instrument signed by MEMBERS” means the HOA membership (i.e., YOU), not its Board. Currently, the Board plans to “remise, release, sell and quitclaim”…“FOREVER”…“all right, title, interest, claim and demand” of the fence and its easement.  And, more importantly, they are doing so without your input or vote, and without transparency.

Just last month, the WC2 Board successfully increased dues by 30% by holding an HOA member vote.  There was so much participation that the vote passed on the first round.  We have an engaged community that cares about the decisions made by the Association.  There is simply no legitimate reason not to hold an HOA vote for this fundamental change in our ownership rights.

For better or worse, some form of the wall will eventually be built. The only question that remains is whether you will relinquish your rights to the Association’s common property to the few that serve on the Board. You can send a strong message that you care about transparency and best practices by giving me the honor of your vote.

Darrin Rich - Candidate for Willow Creek 2 Board of Directors

Fellow Neighbors,

I’m seeking your support and one of your three votes in the upcoming Willow Creek 2 (WC2) Board of Directors election.  My wife and I, our five-year-old daughter and two dogs are relatively new to Willow Creek (December 2019) and look forward to further deepening our relationships with friends and neighbors as our daughter begins her kindergarten year at Willow Creek Elementary. The family and I are all native-born Coloradans, are very community-focused, and are members of the Denver Zoo, Denver Art Museum, The Denver Museum of Nature and Science (I am also a Friend of the DMNS Institute for Science & Policy) as well as active in our church parish.  

As an information technology executive for a multi-national healthcare company, I manage a department of over 30 employees with a multimillion-dollar budget. I am a LEAN Six Sigma Green Belt, and I think that I can bring a great deal of value to the HOA. I possess a proven track record of improving efficiency and increasing performance, conducting contract negotiations, forming strategic partnerships, and in planning and executing complex projects. 

As a member of the WC2 HOA Board of Directors, I promise to bring fresh eyes to the community as well as updating the bylaws (where needed) to reflect the changing needs of the WC2 residents as well as the following: 

  • As an ardent supporter of the HOA dues increase, we believe that we can do more in terms of solvency to make sure the financial health of the HOA is stable for years to come. My family walk the dogs most days along our greenbelts and have noticed opportunities for water conservation which will not only support an ecofriendly environment without sacrificing the manicured look of our greenbelts, but will also save money that can be allocated for capital projects.

  • We also strongly believe in community and is one of the key reasons for moving to this neighborhood. Although 2020 greatly reduced the number and type of community functions that were allowed, in 2021 we saw the potential for what Willow Creek 2 is capable of in “normal” times. As such, we look forward to strengthening the community ties by continuing to support events at the Willow and Mineral Pools, Wednesday Night Food Truck, Independence Day Parade, Oteropalooza, Willowstock, supporting our Swim Team Wahoos as we are parent reps in waiting, and other events and activities that make this community one of the most unique and attractive places to live in all the Denver Metro Area. 

  August 31, 2021
Perimeter Fence Status and Update (continued)

The first easement agreement, a “Quitclaim Deed,” assigns to the GID the easements that homeowners along the fence perimeter had provided to the HOA for this project. These homeowner easements expressly grant the HOA the right to assign these easements to a governmental agency for construction and maintenance of the fence.

The second easement entitled, “Fence Easement,” provides a six-foot construction and maintenance strip along the fence perimeter where it abuts HOA greenbelts.  As with the homeowner easements, this easement is necessary for construction and maintenance of the fence by the GID.

The Willow Creek 2 HOA attorney has determined that neither of these two easement agreements dedicates, sells, or transfers HOA property. Nor does either agreement have any effect on HOA ownership rights and, as such, neither requires homeowner approval.  Specifically, our legal counsel has explained that “---granting an easement provides the easement holder with a right to use the easement area for a particular purpose, but does not convey any possessory interest in the easement area itself.”

By way of an update on capitalization, all financing was completed in September 2020 via bond sales by the GID which yielded approximately $5.2 M.  Investors were willing to pay premiums for the bonds at approximately 3% interest that was below the 5% budget thereby providing lower interest costs and unexpected funds.  If these interest savings and extra funds are not needed for project contingencies or cost increases, they will reduce future bond servicing costs to homeowners.  All bond sale elements were in compliance with all requirements and authorized costs approved by voters in the November 2019 GID election.  A 1.5% collection fee by the County for the property tax collection process is applied only to the amount of tax collected each year and is within budget at $4,900 for 2021, and should be less than $150,000 over the 30-year life of the bonds.  The homeowner property tax mill rates came in at 6.75 mills well below the original project estimate of 8.08 mills, reducing the tax impact for all homeowners to less than the original estimate.

Once construction begins, the project is expected to take approximately six to seven months depending upon weather.  As always, please do not hesitate to contact Dave Jackson, the WC 2 GID representative, at 303-770-6247 or