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  September 17, 2019

Tricia Favero

My name is Tricia Favero, and I have lived in Willow Creek 2 since 1991.  I am married and have 2 boys, 28 and 30 years old.  I also have a four-legged child, a shih tzu named Zoe, who you might have met as we walk together in the neighborhood. 


I am originally from the East Coast, growing up in northwest NJ and then spending most of the next 14 years in upstate New York—Oneonta, Rochester, Binghamton, Syracuse, and Albany.  I attended undergrad at Hartwick College where I graduated with a BS in Medical Technology.  I worked as a medical technologist at Strong Memorial Hospital and then spent 2 years in research and development at Eastman Kodak.  I graduated from Albany Law School of Union University in 1984 and practiced law (litigation) in New York, Washington DC and Denver.  I retired from practicing law in 1994, got my real estate brokers license and have been a real estate broker since that time.


I would like to offer my time, knowledge and expertise on the Willow Creek Board.  I believe I can be especially effective in helping to conserve our financial resources and working to direct them toward the areas that make our neighborhood so special.  I do not believe in out-of-control spending but rather spending carefully and wisely with an understanding that our homeowners do not have unlimited resources.  I also believe in carefully following our Covenants which have worked well for this neighborhood for the past 40 years.  For example, I feel passionate about the one vote per household concept that is a founding principle of this neighborhood.


I have met many, many wonderful neighbors over the past 28 years whether through walking my dog or knocking on your door with a petition.  I enjoy listening and talking to people and would endeavor to hear your thoughts and concerns and try to make sure they are given the careful consideration they deserve. 

George Poggioli

I am pro HOA member rights. When you and I purchased a WC2 home, we agreed to a community bound by its governing documents. The Articles of Incorporation and Declaration of Covenants provide the rules and rights of homeownership. These documents do not grant rights based upon the number of occupants or Colorado registered voters in a home, or the number of SurveyMonkey respondents. In its equity, it provides one vote per home. It’s these voters, having equal stakes in its membership, who have the right to decide major alterations to our neighborhood. If I want more votes, then I would need to purchase more homes. I recognize that the Board needs some freedom so each decision need not require a vote of its members. But, this Board is pursuing the largest expenditure in the 40-year WC2 HOA history without authorization. I was astounded that the Board used a flawed, biased, informal survey without any security parameters as to who could respond in order to justify pursuing the GID. Like many of you, I was awaiting a proper vote. Despite many requests, we as an HOA were denied the opportunity to vote because the Board circumvented it by creating questionable legal loopholes to unilaterally advance the GID application, like declaring HOA assets “obsolete” and granting themselves the ability to dedicate easements. They did this by updating their Powers and Duties in our HOA bylaws, 2019 Bylaws Sections 7.01 (F), (G) and (H), and 7.02 (F)). Their goal was to circumvent a member’s right to the Authority to Dedicate (Article XII), Article of Incorporation. The Bylaws update is restricted by Colorado state law §38-33.3-303 3(a), which was enacted to protect HOA members from overreaching Boards.  However, your current Board feels that asking for forgiveness is easier than asking for permission; much like a 50% majority ballot vote is easier to pass than an HOA vote having 1 home per vote with a 60% quorum and 67% majority. I am not afraid to tackle issues just because they are difficult, particularly if it is the right thing to do. Your HOA rights have been weakened by this Board and any future dues increase will circumvent a member vote with a simple petition to the City Council via the GID. I respectfully ask for your vote so that I can be a reasonable check on the decisions made by our Board.

Carolyn Pyron

My name is Carolyn Pyron, and my husband Brian, son Carter Drake and I have lived in Willow Creek since June 2018. While I'm not a Colorado native, I consider myself a long-term transplant, and Denver is by far my home. I first moved to the Capital Hill area in 2000 and then into Park Hill and finally Lakewood once Brian and I married. We moved to Willow Creek after a short hiatus in Houston for a job re-location and are blessed to be back in a cooler climate, the great outdoors and an excellent area to raise our family. Since moving to the neighborhood, I joined Willow Creek Women's Club and am serving as President for the 2nd year of a 2-year term. Throughout my years in Denver I've served in numerous Board of Directors positions for the Junior League of Denver, as a mentor in the Minds Matter High School Mentoring program, as a financial advisor and on the Board for Delta Delta Delta Sorority Alumni Chapters and as a volunteer at our local church. I currently work as a Project Manager for a local Denver consulting firm and Newmont Goldcorp. In my years of consulting, managing clients with challenging expectations and working with volunteers I have found that pro-activity and focused attention are keys to solving any challenge. The input of different perspectives balanced with a focused direction is necessary to achieve our goals, be they personal, professional or neighborhood. I was raised to understand the situation, examine the options, identify a solution and most importantly participate in achieving it. This mantra has served me well in life and I hope to apply it as a member of the HOA Board. I believe that my combination of professional, personal and volunteer experience offers a valuable perspective to the HOA Board as we continue to grow and mature our neighborhood. 

Mark Rosser

Our family has lived in the same home in WC2 for over 33 years now.  I am proud to have served on the WC2 Maintenance Committee for over 10 years in the 1990s and early 2000s, enjoying the challenge and reward in helping our community.  Time constraints forced me to yield that role when my work location shifted to Colorado Springs, but Sue’s and my love for this community kept us here.  Recently retired, I am now eager to resume contributing to our wonderful Willow Creek community that continues to enrich our lives. 

As a board member, my focus will be on preserving and maintaining our spacious, mature greenbelts, our aging clubhouses and recreational facilities, and our distinctive neighborhood character.  Our primary challenge will continue to be balancing rising costs against residents’ expectations and revenues from homeowner dues.  I will be cognizant of emerging trends in similar communities and will be vigilant in seeking cost-conscious repair, replacement, and when warranted, enhancement of existing facilities in order to maintain our desirability as the community of choice in the south metro area.  To this end, I am solidly supportive of the two GID-funded masonry fence questions that will be on our November ballot.

As a former principal project manager for a prominent, international engineering firm, I bring strong management skills and seasoned ability to work collaboratively with all stakeholders to solve challenging problems within constrained budgets.  My professional background and desire to serve contributed to my election to the Southgate Water and Sanitation Districts Boards of Directors in 2014. I am currently the president of these two boards.  Southgate is Willow Creek’s provider for water delivery and wastewater collection services, with up to 60,000 customers spread over four cities and two counties.

Sue and I moved to WC2 when our two children were just 2 and 4 years old, attracted by Willow Creek Elementary’s excellent reputation and the neighborhood’s many other family-friendly amenities.  We now enjoy entertaining our five grandchildren in our parks, playgrounds, creeks, and pools where our children once played.  We have made so many happy memories here, and we continue to be highly invested in Willow Creek’s future.  I would welcome the opportunity to serve as your board representative and would appreciate your vote in the upcoming October annual HOA meeting.

  February 1, 2019


What’s the plan?


It is time to make the decision as a community on how to replace our “end-of-life” perimeter cedar fence.  As you may know, a joint WC 1 and 2 HOA committee has recommended making an application with the City of Centennial to establish a General Improvement District (a GID) with an appropriate mill levy property tax to service bonds that will fund construction and maintenance of a masonry fence and entrance monuments. 

After studying professional project analysis and cost projections from ICON Engineering and Ehlers & CO, investment bankers, the Joint HOA Perimeter Fence Committee is pleased to announce that it has a specific GID perimeter masonry wall concept, pricing and action plan that has been endorsed by the Board of Directors of both HOAs and is ready for launch. 

Please join us at your choice of one of the following community meetings to discuss these details and kick off the process that will authorize an application to the City for creation of the GID that will build and maintain a new masonry fence.  Once the application is accepted by the City, a municipal election will be scheduled and included on the normal November 2019 election ballot mailed to all registered voters in Willow Creek 1 and 2 HOAs.  At the Community meetings, complete details of the proposal will be presented, your questions will be answered, and registered voters in WC 1 and 2 HOA will be asked to sign a petition in support of the GID.

Homeowners who live along the perimeter fence will also be asked to sign a document that ratifies the use of the existing easement along the back of their lots to facilitate construction and maintenance of the replacement masonry fence.

Each meeting is open to both Willow Creek 1 and Willow Creek 2 homeowners and will be held at the following locations.  Each meeting is intended for homeowners of both HOA 1 and 2.

  • Thursday, February 21, 2019 at 6:30 PM – Willow Creek 1 Clubhouse (8050 E. Jamison Dr)

  • Saturday, February 23, 2019 at 10 AM – Willow Creek 2 Clubhouse (8500 E. Mineral Dr)

  • Saturday, February 23, 2019 at 2 PM – Willow Creek 2 Clubhouse (8500 E. Mineral Dr)

  • Monday, February 25, 2019 at 6:30 PM – Willow Creek 1 Clubhouse (8050 E. Jamison Dr)

This is a critical meeting for this project, and it is important that every homeowner find a meeting date and time that they can attend.
  December 3, 2018


As you know from a previous announcement, this project was put on hold while attorneys from Willow Creek 1 and 2 and the Committee worked on resolutions to property rights and legal issues.  Those issues have now been resolved, and the committee is working to refine wall construction costs and the necessary mill levy using two professional companies who are contracted at a cost not to exceed $5,800. 

After a favorable feasibility report from these two companies, who are preparing a provisional project cost projection and estimated Mill Levy calculation, the committee will conduct HOA homeowner meetings to re-launch this proposal and move forward with the process to establish a General Improvement District with the City of Centennial.  This process will result in an election for the community at large to authorize the tax mill levy to fund the project.

In the meantime, volunteers are being requested for the following function:


The HOA Joint Perimeter Fence Committee is seeking Willow Creek homeowners who are a Notary Public to volunteer their service for documents that homeowners whose lots abut the perimeter will be asked to sign.  Early next year at a series of meetings, these homeowners will be asked to sign a validation document concerning the existing easement across their property.  These documents will require notarization at the time of signature.  There will probably be two meetings spaced out over each of two weekends for affected homeowners as well as an occasional need to accompany a Perimeter Fence Committee member on a visit to a homeowner’s residence for a document signature.  If you are able to volunteer for this service to your community, it will save the HOA the expense of hiring Notaries for these functions.  Please contact Dave Jackson by e-mail at or text to 303-570-2077.