Disc Golf 


Course Description.    The course begins on the sidewalk adjacent to Willow Way, near the Willow Clubhouse volleyball court.

Hole #1 - Par 4:   From the sidewalk tee box (red paint mark installed in future) near the volleyball court, this 127 yarder doglegs to the right between two trees, to approach the pin nestled to the right of the lower Willow Greenbelt bridge.  (Note:  The dogleg is to avoid the playground, which is out of bounds (OOB).  Shortcutting across the playground could be dangerous and is cheating.)

Hole #2 – Par 5:   This 237 yard beauty shoots straight up the Willow Greenbelt from a tee box behind the green-striped manhole cover.  The clearly visible pin sits near a Blue Spruce in front of the upper Willow Greenbelt bridge.

Hole #3: - Par 5:   Perhaps the toughest hole on the course, #3 tees off from the path to the south of the bridge, and winds 200 yards east to a pin tucking into a grove of Ponderosa Pines.  The narrow greenbelt at this location, the trees, and the strict OOB penalty for landing in a homeowner’s yard, will cause players to make short, accurate throws.  Until a trash tree near the stream is removed, current course rules require players to dogleg left and then right, making a “lay up” throw north of the creek, and approaching the #3 pin with an over-the-water shot. 

Hole #4 – Par 4:    The #4 tee is on the south path, adjacent to prominent utility boxes.  From here the 167-yard hole plays straight down the greenbelt.  The approach to the #4 pin (which is back side of #2), is dominated by a daunting bridge-hazard, making chipping a challenge.

After completing #4, walk down the south Willow Greenbelt path, and turn left into, and walk up and through the narrow Lower Kettle Greenbelt.  The walk to the upper course section will provide ardent golfers with the opportunity to enjoy the scenery, bet on the upcoming #5 hole and make excuses for their performance on #4.   Because of the close proximity of backyards and the marshy conditions, there are no pins located in the Lower Kettle Greenbelt, and throwing discs in this area is strongly discouraged.

Hole #5 – Par 3:    The tee to this 105 yard hole is from behind the prominent rock outcropping at the far left of the entrance to the Upper Kettle Greenbelt.  The wide fairway leading to the #5 pin, on the gentle rise to the east, will temp older golfers to pull muscles while booming their drives.

Hole #6 – Par 3:   From #5, head southeast and up the hill to the #6 tee box between a Maple tree to your right and a Ponderosa Pine to your left.  From this elevated tee, mountain views abound for all but the shortest and most nearsighted golfers.  This 99-yard hole plays downhill and across the wide fairway to a pin nestled between two Russian Olives.

Hole #7 – Par 4:   From the tee box behind the rock outcropping just south of #6, this hole plays south and hugs the right (west) edge of the park for 123 yards.  After an approach over the path, the #7 pin is tucked in front of two crabapples trees.

Hole #8 – Par 4:   From the #7 pin, climb the hill to a tee box located between an oak tree to your left and an irrigation box adjacent to the fence to your right.   This hole doglegs to the left (north and then west) around a Russian Olive tree, to the pin located 131 yards away in front of Russian Olives.  The pin will be familiar, since it doubles as #6.
Reverse the walk down the Lower Kettle Greenbelt and stop where the path “T’s” with the south path of the Willow Greenbelt. 

Hole #9 –Par 4:   From a tee box where the paths “T” the #9 hole plays down the Willow Greenbelt 181 yards to the pin located just to the left of the bridge.   This pin is the back side of #1.

The “par” ratings above are the initial ratings.  More or less experienced Frisbee golfing groups are free to establish their own par ratings.  In fact, players may design their own courses of nine or more holes, using different approaches to the pins.  In doing so, however, please always strictly avoid the playground and homeowner yards, and recognize the out-of-bounds areas and associated penalties described above.