The Mission of the Finance Committee is to provide the Board with such financial expertise, opinion and data as will be helpful for the Board to make decisions regarding the WC2 community.

The primary function of the Finance Committee is to provide financial advice, review and financial expertise to the Board upon such matters as the Board may request from the Finance Committee and to undertake such projects as the Board may request.

At this time, the Committee meets in working sessions only and the meetings are not open to WC2 community attendance or participation.

Members:  Bob Kihm and Carla Johnson
Board Liaison:  TBD

1.  Update of the 2007 Reserve Study as requested by the Board.

2.  Upon completion of the update, the Committee will present its finished product to the Board for its review and consideration. 

3.  At that time, after Board approval, the Committee will post and make the finished product available for community review on the WC2 website


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Financial Statements
Budget Reports, Reserve Study & Financial Audit