Pool Frequently Asked Questions

1. There are always lifeguards on duty when the pools are open.

2. Parents must supervise children 5 and under in the baby pool.

3. What is the age limit for the baby pools? Five (5) and under.

4. Pool Registration is the 4th Saturday in April from 9 to 12.

5. When can my child go to the pool without my supervision? After age 9 and must pass a swim test at the pool given by a lifeguard.

6. What are the pool hours? See signs at the pools, in Willow Talk and on the website.

7. How do I register for swim lessons?
At Willow Way and at Pool Registration on the 4th Saturday of April.

8. How many guests can I bring to the pool? Six guests are allowed per family. They must each sign in at the guard desk. (More than 6 is considered a party and must be preapproved with the pool manager).

9. Can I bring food to the pool? Yes, in non-breakable containers.

10. Can I bring alcohol to the pool? Yes, in non-breakable containers.

11. Are food and drinks available at the pools? Small snack bar with soft drinks and snacks is open during the adult swim time which is the last 15 minutes of each hour. There are no alcoholic beverages sold at the pools.

12. Can I bring a radio to the pool? Yes, if headphones are used.

13. Can I bring my dog to the pools? No, except for the Dog Day Event in September.

14. How do I contact the Lifeguard’s supervisor?
Contact the Pool Manager, MPM Recreation, at 720-201-1758 or  

15. How do I contact the Pool Committee? Contact the Pool Committee Chair at

16. How do I get a pool ID? At Pool Registration or at Willow Way Pool after opening. New ID cards are $5.00.

17. What do I do if I lost my pool ID? Get a new one at Pool Registration or at Willow Way Pool after Opening. Replacement IDs are $5.00.

18. Are showers available at the pools? Yes

19. How deep/long are the pools? Mineral is 25 meters long and 12’ deep; Willow Way is 25 yards long and 9’ deep.

20. What is the weather/closure policy? If the temperature is below 60 degrees, and temporarily closed for at least 20 minutes after thunder and lightning episodes.

21. What is the Pool’s season? See the Pool Calendars page for exact dates. Generally the pools open the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend and close the Sunday after Labor Day.

22.  Can I rent the pool for a private pool party?  Yes, please check the Private Pool Party Rental page for pool rental dates and pricing.