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March 2018 Events

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  Triathlon Training Clinic - Clinic includes all 3 components of running, swimming and cycling on each day listed for 4 weeks. During those 4 weeks, you will learn how to better develop your skills in each of these areas, as well as focus on transition work, equipment needed for the event and core training. All ages 16 and up. 6 - 7 am (Mon, Wed, Fri; Mar 5 - 30) at Goodson Recreation Center. Price: $108 District

Pilates - Increase core muscle strength, expand flexibility, improve posture and decrease back discomfort. Class may include use of equipment such as Pilates’ rings, fit balls, bands, etc. All fitness levels welcome. All ages 12 and up. 8:45 – 9:40 am (Wed; Mar 7 - 28) at The Lone Tree Hub. Price: $28 District or single day drop in (if class minimum met): $10 District

Lone Tree’s Parents’ Night Out - Drop your child off at the Lone Tree Recreation Center for an evening of swimming and a movie. We will go swimming at the pool for the first half of the evening then get setup to watch a movie the second half. We will also provide pizza and a juice box for dinner. Ages 5 – 12. 6 – 9 pm (Sat; Mar 9) at Lone Tree Recreation Center. Price: $15 District

Women’s Self Defense Workshop – Two-hour introductory hands on workshop designed to teach basic Shotokan Karate techniques for self-defense. Ages 13 and up (Ages 13-15 years old must be accompanied by a registered adult). 6:30 – 8:30 pm (Mon; Mar 12) at Goodson Recreation Center. Price: $30 District

St. Patrick’s Day Party - Please join us for our party. The food special is (of course) corned beef and cabbage with potatoes, carrots and a roll. Also enjoy beer specials: $2 pints of Coors Light/Bud Light and $4 drink specials. An added big bonus is live music by Dawn of the Suns from 4 – 7 pm. All ages. 3 – 7 pm (Sat; Mar 17) at Lone Tree Grill. Price: $12

Transformation Creations Camp - Get ready to build and discover how your model transforms! Campers will love the mash-up of combination models that can be rebuilt into something different. These awesome 2-in-1 models will include exciting characters, robots, vehicles and more! Follow the step-by-step building plans and ignite your inner engineer by using your imagination to transform your model into something unique. Join us for this fun-filled camp where you’ll use your creativity and engineering skills to build and transform. Ages 6 - 12. 1 - 4 pm (Mon – Fri; March 19-23) at The Lone Tree Hub.
Price: $170 District

FREE Advanced Care Planning Workshop - This free two-hour 1-day workshop is for learning a ton to write your Advance Directives for medical care. The workshop covers starting healthcare conversations with family, friends, clergy and physicians; choosing agents to speak for you in the event that you cannot speak for yourself; and writing your choices about the care you want – or don’t want – to receive toward the end of your life. All the paperwork necessary to complete your Advance Directives is provided. There will be a signing party two weeks later at the same location to celebrate completing your documents. Who: Adult – Seniors. 10 am – 12 pm (Tue; Mar 20 & Apr 3) at The Lone Tree Hub. Price: Free

FREE! Egg Scramble - Join us again this year for our annual Easter Egg Hunt at the Sports Dome. And, of course, it will happen… rain or shine! Timed hunts by ages. Bring your own collection basket without artificial grass/straw. And the Easter Bunny and other fun activities will be there to entertain you. All ages (up to 12 for hunting). 8:30 – 11 am (Sat; Mar 31) at Family Sports Dome. Price: Free

Foundation Training - Whether your goal is pain reduction, performance enhancement or injury prevention, Foundation Training is the answer. It will also help with balance and alignment. Bring your own yoga mat. Ages 15 and up. 5 – 5:30 pm (Mon; Apr 2 - May 21) at Goodson Recreation Center. Price: $80 District
  South Suburban Parks and Recreation Alerts Public to Graffiti’s Financial Impact                
  June 2015               

Graffiti is writing or drawings scribbled, scratched or sprayed illicitly on a wall or other surface in a public place. South Suburban Park and Recreation District is experiencing an uptick in graffiti throughout the District and wants to alert residents about the problem and the financial impact of graffiti removal.

In 2007, the District began tracking graffiti within its boundaries. Since then, the District has incurred 1,269 incidents for a cleanup cost of $301,145. Since Jan. 1, there have been 43 incidents District-wide. Time and money spent removing graffiti could have been spent on upkeep and enhancements to parks, trails, open space and facilities. Graffiti cleanup not only costs the District, but ultimately impacts those the District serves. South Suburban has installed security cameras in frequently-hit locations to help curb the problem; however, no area in the District is immune to this activity.

South Suburban wants the public’s help in reducing graffiti throughout the District. Remind your teenagers that graffiti is illegal, and those who are caught will be issued a citation and a bill for the cleanup costs. Subsequent offenses could lead to higher fines, community service or possibly more severe consequences, such as felony convictions. To report graffiti, please call Senior Park Ranger Dan Scheuerman at 303.435.8225, or 303.435.8227 afterhours; or South Suburban at 303.798.5131.