Tennis FAQ's

How many tennis courts are there in Willow Creek?
There are 15 tennis courts in the entire Willow Creek Community.  
4 courts are located in HOA 1, 6 courts are located HOA 2, and 5 courts are located HOA 3.
How do I sign up to play on a tennis court?
Willow Creek residents can reserve courts in their respective HOA, i.e., courts that are not already reserved for league play or for tennis lessons, 1 to 7 days in advance.  A court schedule and reservation sheet is posted each week on the communications bulletin board at each tennis area.  All courts not scheduled 1 or more days in advance are open for 2-hour walk-on play.
What is the Willow Creek Tennis Club?
The Willow Creek Tennis Club (WCTC) incorporates all 15 tennis courts in the Willow Creek community and will reserve up to all 15 courts for community events, socials, and tournaments. The WCTC will reserve up to 8 of the 15 courts for CTA league play and lessons for Willow Creek residents and their guests. All other uses of the tennis courts are reserved for the exclusive use of residents of each HOA and the courts in their HOA. The WCTC strives to create an active, dynamic and growing neighborhood-wide Tennis Club. We promote and organize tennis activities for all ages and abilities within our beautiful community. The WCTC is managed by a volunteer tennis committee with members from all Willow Creek HOAs. Be sure to check out the WCTC website for more information.
How do I become involved in the Willow Creek Tennis Club?
For more information on the WCTC or to receive e-blasts, please contact Mary Beth Doerr at
What programs does the Willow Creek Tennis Club offer?
Key activities include tennis leagues for juniors and adults, tennis lessons, ladder, tournaments and socials. Be sure to check out the tournament and socials schedule on the Willow Creek Tennis Committee website.  Each summer, residents can sign up for tennis lessons as well as CTA league play.
Who can I contact if I have questions about the tennis courts or playing tennis in Willow Creek?
Please contact Bob Kihm at 303-893-6552.
Homeowner access to tennis courts and how to obtain court keys:
All Willow Creek 2 homeowners in good standing may use the tennis courts. There are four courts at Mineral and two at Willow. The courts at Willow have a backboard for practice. A key may be obtained from Bob Kihm at 303-893-6552 or The cost is $2 per key - cash only please.

Use of the courts is on a first come first served basis, except when they are reserved for either league or individual play. Even when league play is ongoing, there are always at least two courts available in Willow Creek 2 for general homeowner use.