Tennis Committee


The WCTC is managed by a volunteer tennis committee with members from all Willow Creek HOAs. The WCTCC is committed to creating a neighborhood wide WCTC, incorporating all 15 tennis courts. The Willow Creek Tennis Club Committee meets every month, Feb through Nov. Check website for meeting schedule.

Tennis Committee contact: Bob Kihm,, 303-893-6552
Board Liaison: Mark Rosser

The Willow Creek Tennis Club (WCTC) incorporates all 15 tennis courts in the Willow Creek community and will reserve up to all 15 courts for community events, socials, and tournaments. The WCTC will reserve up to 10 of the 15 courts for CTA league play and lessons for Willow Creek residents and their guests. All other uses of the tennis courts are reserved for the exclusive use of residents of each HOA and the courts in their HOA. The WCTC strives to create an active, dynamic and growing neighborhood-wide Tennis Club. We promote and organize tennis activities for all ages and abilities within our beautiful community.
For more information on WCTC, the use of Willow Creek courts, and tennis programs please go to the Willow Creek Tennis Club website.

In some cases, our beautiful new tennis courts have been misused. We have seen evidence of bikes, scooters, black soled shoes, and other damaging items on our courts. Please do the following to preserve our courts for just tennis:
* Lock the gates every time you finish playing on the courts
* Counsel your children and their friends about proper use of courts
* If you catch anyone in the act, get their names and phone numbers and report them to any member of the WCTC committee
* Pick up any trash, ball cans, empty water bottles, etc., and deposit in the trash containers 

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