Welcoming Committee

The Welcoming Committee is a group of Willow Creek 2 residents who meet quarterly to welcome new homeowners to the neighborhood, provide them resources and contact information, and make their transition easier.

Mission Statement
The Willow Creek Welcoming Committee will welcome all new homeowners with a timely, informative, and personalized welcome to our community.

Members: Pam Harper, Chair
Stasia Willock, Carolyn Dumm, Monica Huso, Heidi Parish
Board Liaison: Bryan Hunter
Meetings: We meet quarterly or as needed depending on home closings.

1. Group produces a welcome basket for each new homeowners to WC 2.
2. Each member is responsible for a different component of the baskets. For example, Monica Huso always secures the flowers and Carolyn Dumm does the baking.
3. All members procure coupons and other neighborhood information.
4. Each member contributes to the Why I Love section of the Willow Talk.

Arapahoe Floral packages flowers for us.

++Kathy Benson, DVM
++T & G Hardwoods
++Moose Mountain Hideaways

New Homeowners
Why I Love Living in Willow Creek
Annual Report

Welcome Baskets contain a variety of items donated by local merchants, as well as merchant coupons; fresh baked items by committee members; and information about Willow Creek & the community including: WC 2010 Directory, sample Willow Talk WC 2 newsletter, Architectural Control Committee guidelines, South Suburban Parks & Recreation information, Map of Willow Creek, Tennis Information, Swimming Information.

1. When will I be contacted by the Welcoming Committee?
You will be contacted within 3 months of moving into WC.

2. Who do I contact if no one contacts me?
Please contact Pam Harper at 303-808-7434 and she will get you a packet.

3. Are renters welcomed to the community?
We do not welcome renters unless someone specifically asks us to and provides us with their info, as they are not on the home closing list we get from TMMC.