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  July 26, 2022
GID Perimeter Fence Construction Status (continued)
  1. The City of Centennial’s repaving of the Quebec/Dry Creek intersection unfortunately prevented Split Rail, the GID wall contractor, from utilizing the curb side traffic lane on numerous days to access the construction site with construction equipment, to deliver pallets of Allan Block, to pour concrete, etc.— all of which are essential to conduct work most efficiently.  As of this writing, the City’s repaving project thankfully appears to be largely completed.  

  2. As delineated in the construction plans, excavation of the holes for the concrete caissons (the underground foundations for the Allan Block columns), uncovered an Xcel power cable in three locations involving eleven of the holes along Quebec.  Anticipating the presence of this cable, workers carefully excavated around it, avoiding any damage. However, Xcel requires a “sleeve” to be placed around the exposed cable before encasing it in the caisson concrete.  Understandably, they also require the cable to be de-energized during sleeving, and an Xcel lineman to be on site during this process.  Despite repeated requests, at the time of this writing, Xcel has not yet scheduled a time for this process.  

    Split Rail currently has been continuing construction along Quebec, moving north past these three “Xcel gaps,” to the intersection with Dry Creek and then heading east.  You may have noticed that as work progressed, workers first constructed the supporting framework or “skeleton” of the wall—the caissons and columns. The panel blocks were then emplaced, completing the wall between columns. It has been acceptable to tear down the old fence and then construct the Allan Block wall over this long length in the patio home area, because this is all open greenbelt area with no homeowner backyards involved.  

    All this means that, except for a few complete demonstration panels, construction of each element is built in turn for the entire length of Quebec with the panel blocks being the last phase.  However, when Split Rail begins work along Dry Creek bordering homeowner lots, the active work zone will be significantly shortened and the effort more focused, to minimize the construction duration along each exposed back yard.

    By the time you read this, the following elements will have been mostly or totally completed along Quebec, and work should be progressing eastward along Dry Creek.

  • All caisson holes (hopefully including the eleven in the three Xcel gaps) excavated and filled with concrete and rebar

  • Allan Block column blocks with grouted rebar installed on top of all caissons

  • Leveling pad trenches between the concrete caissons excavated and filled with compacted aggregate

  • Basal bond beams (two bottom rows of large blocks grouted together with rebar) installed between each column

  • Ashlar Blend Allan Block dry-stacked above each basal bond beam to form the varied block pattern between each column

  • Top Ashlar Blend bond beams assembled and grouted concurrently in the construction yard south of Jamison Drive, moved on site, and installed above the dry-stacked Ashlar Blend blocks

  • Finishing — cap blocks installed at the top of each wall panel and column.  Each finished panel should be a minimum of 6’ in height.

    Questions?  Never hesitate to contact your WC2 GID Advisory Board representative, Dave Jackson, at or 303-770-6247.  If you receive communication from other neighborhoods wanting to know more about our perimeter fence project, please refer them to one of the WC2 GID Advisory Board members.