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  November 29, 2021
GID Perimeter Fence Update (continued)

Changes include:

  • Separating the bidding for the construction of the fence from the construction of the monuments. This separation will allow fence contractors and sign contractors to bid only on the portions of the project in which they have expertise, while still allowing general contractors to bid on the full project scope.

  • Narrowing the scope of bidding to include only the actual perimeter fence along Dry Creek, Yosemite, Quebec, and County Line. The interior fencing along the entrances will be added to the project if funding allows.

  • Providing more time for contractors to respond to the bid once it is posted. We learned from our original bidding process that because contractors are short on resources due to the continuing pandemic challenges, they need additional time to respond to a large project like ours. We are also reaching out to a larger pool of contractors to assess interest, and we will be alerting them once the new documents are posted for bidding.

As you read this now, the revised bid documents were scheduled to be completed just before Thanksgiving, and the City of Centennial should now be finishing their legal review.  We expect the bid documents will be posted for contractors by mid-December. This should provide for a project start in the spring.

Feel free to contact Dave Jackson at either or 303-770-6247.