Architectural Control Committee (ACC)



Mission Statement
To preserve and protect property values within the neighborhood, the mission of the Committee is (a) to ensure that improvements proposed for installation, replacement, or construction on any lot are compatible and harmonize with the architectural scheme of the neighborhood, and comply with the Declarations and rules, regulations and guidelines of the Association, and (b) when delegated by the Board of Directors, to enforce compliance with such Declarations, rules, regulations and guidelines dealing with construction and/or maintenance of lots or improvements thereon.

The goal of the Architectural Control Committee “ACC” is the guardianship of the property values of all members of Willow Creek 2 HOA. The ACC recognizes the property rights of the HOA members and the diversity of tastes and styles held by each. Except for the non-discriminatory enforcement of the guidelines in the spirit of this Mission Statement, the ACC will at all times refrain from acts that amount to the dictating of taste upon the HOA members.

Current members:
Chair - Chris Ford
Members - David McLaughry, Jordan Stone, Zac Tardiff 

Board Liaison:  Michael Darling

January through November the ACC meets the first Tuesday of each month via Zoom at 6:30 p.m. 

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