Centennial Council of Neighborhoods (CenCON)

CenCON is an organization of homeowner associations in the City of Centennial. Currently, CenCON membership includes approximately 59 homeowner associations, comprising more than 22,000 homes. CenCON is essentially the voice of Centennial homeowners. While CenCON is not a legislative organization and has no authority, it works in cooperation with the City of Centennial. For example, CenCON reviews land development plans and provides unified homeowner input to the Mayor and City Council, both of whom seriously consider the opinions of CenCON. Additionally, CenCON provides a conduit for information from entities such as the City of Centennial, the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office, the local Fire Departments, South Suburban & Arapahoe Park and Recreation Districts & Arapahoe County Library District to Centennial’s 22,000 homeowners represented by CenCON.

CenCON meets monthly to gather important information from various civil authorities, which the representative then brings back to the association for dissemination to homeowners. CenCon also reviews development plans for projects within and/or affecting the City of Centennial and gives requested input as an official referral agency of the Planning and Zoning Department. An HOA's input is relayed via the representative, who tells CenCon how the HOA would like Council and the Mayor to decide important issues. CenCon input is seriously considered by the Mayor and City Council.

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