Communications Committee

Mission Statement
The purpose of the Willow Creek HOA 2 Communications Committee (CC) is to facilitate the distribution of information from the Willow Creek HOA #2 Board to Willow Creek 2 Homeowners, and to promote communication within the community.
Members: Dominik Medved, Lori Ambrose, Elizabeth DeGraffenried
   Newsletter Editor: Elizabeth DeGraffenried
   Webmaster: Dominik Medved

Board Liaison: Bea Radtke

Meetings:  the committee meetings are usually quarterly, and generally last one hour.  Meetings are determined by the committee members in advance via email.

1. The CC will establish format and policies for the website, monitor the website and updates by the contractor. Goals for the website: to encourage communication of activities, to provide hotlines, and to spread news of events, meetings, and new developments within our community. To provide copies of Willow Talk, current ACC guidelines and forms for ACC home changes, BOD and committee chairperson listing,

2. The CC will help monitor the publication of the newsletter by the contractor and in coordination with the editor. They will help gather information and announcements for the newsletter.

The mission of the Willow Talk Newsletter is as follows:  The Willow Talk newsletter is provided as a service to the residents of Willow Creek 2; to promote a sense of community pride, to enhance awareness of events and developments affecting the Willow Creek community, to encourage an exchange of ideas between residents, and to allow paid advertising as a guide for business and services that have interest in our community.

3. Coordinate and enhance email communications.  The CC will make an effort to keep contact information current and updated in coordination with the Welcoming Committee and the management company.  Email blasts of pertinent information will be provided for WC 2 homeowners as needed.

4. Minutes of the CC meetings will be presented to the board meeting.

Recent Projects

Recent committee accomplishments:
• Launched the new website, 2/2012.
• Newsletter is published monthly.

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