Centennial Dog Laws


Dog Leash Laws

Animals must be kept under control for their own protection and to preserve the public health and safety of our citizens. Dogs, livestock, and other animals found off the owner’s, or keeper’s, property are called “strays” and may be impounded. The owner, or keeper, may also be fined.

A dog owner is in violation of this law if an owner fails to properly control their dog, or allows a dog to run at large in the City. This ordinance does not apply in designated parks where dogs are permitted to run off leash. Control means the dog is on a leash, cord, or chain not more than ten feet in length held by a person of sufficient age, size, and physical ability to restrain the animal. Please help us keep our community safe for everyone by keeping your animal properly restrained!

BARKING DOG Ordinance Centennial

Incessant barking can be very disturbing to the peace and quiet of a neighborhood. In addition, loud, persistent, barking violates the City of Centennial Municipal Code.

C.M.C. § 7-7-470. Noisy dogs.
“(a) It is unlawful to keep a dog which, individually or in combination with another dog or dogs kept on the same premises, makes noise by barking, howling, whining, yelping or other utterance which is plainly audible beyond the premises on which the animal is kept, for a consecutive period in excess of ten (10) minutes during the day (7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.) or for a consecutive period in excess of five (5) minutes during the night (9:01 p.m. to 6:59 a.m.) and/or a cumulative period in excess of ninety (90) minutes during any twenty-four-hour period.”

Initiate a Complaint

To initiate a complaint regarding noisy dogs, the complaining party must complete and sign a complaint that contains the following information:
• Location, date, and duration of incident
• Description of animal (s) involved
• Explanation of the violation
Once a valid complaint is received, CAS will issue the owner of the animal a warning. The owner will then be given seven days to address the problem. If seven days have lapsed and the problem continues, the reporting party and a second witness from a separate household may sign a second complaint. Upon receipt of a valid second complaint a citation may be issued.

For more information call 303-325-8070 (Centennial Animal Services) or check Centennial's website.