Grounds Maintenance Committee

Responsible for overseeing the maintenance, preservation and improvement of the WC 2 common space, including the greenbelts and their associated turf, trees and other plants, perimeter fence, entrance signs, walking paths, bridges, playgrounds, and volleyball area & disc golf. This includes 26 acres of greenbelt (with over 2000 sprinkler heads), 7,077 feet of boundary fence (with 102 brick pillars & 7 entry monuments), 11,764 linear feet of greenbelt path (with 5 bridges), and 872 trees. Expenses associated with the above typically use approximately 40% of the WC 2 annual operating budget.

Mission Statement
The mission of the Grounds Maintenance Committee (the "Committee") is to oversee the care, maintenance, improvement and replacement of the common areas of WC 2, including without limitation the turf, irrigation, paths, bridges, trees & shrubs, perimeter fence, landscape improvements, watercourses (collectively, the "Common Areas") in a manner which meets the standards established by the WC 2 Board of Directors (the "Board"). For purposes of this Charter only, the Common Areas do not include the swimming pools or areas with the pool fence, tennis courts or clubhouses.

Current Members
Chair - Ken Carlson, Chair
Members - Daniel Reitz, Mark Levorsen, Bill Candee, Anne Bonelli McMahon, Neil Morton
Board Liaison: Anne Bonelli McMahon

The Committee shall seek to accomplish its mission by undertaking actions, which include but are not necessarily limited to, working with the WC 2 Manager to:
1. Assist the Manager in overseeing and monitoring WC 2's contract with the landscaping contractor;
2. Investigate, determine and when appropriate recommend projects which would improve the Common Areas
3. Assist the Manager in obtaining bids and entering into contracts for Common Area improvements, replacements and repairs;
4. Provide a report on Committee activities at the annual meeting of members of WC 2; and
5. Recommend Common Area operating and reserve budgets to Board on an annual basis.

The Committee will generally have regular monthly meetings in each month except December. Meetings will generally be held on the first Monday of each month at the Willow Way Clubhouse at 7:00 p.m. Meetings will be open to all WC 2 members. The order of business shall generally be: Homeowner comments, if any; contractor report/issues, manager report/issues; remaining Committee matters.

Landscape Contractor

Expenditure Authority
The Committee may accept bids and make expenditures which are (1) within the Board-established operating budget for the Common Areas, and (2) less than $2,500 per project or item. For other expenditures, including those requiring the use of reserve funds, the Committee shall recommend expenditures for Board approval.

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