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May 2022 Events

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Dive into Summer at Outdoor Pools and Save with a Splash Pass

Outdoor pools open Memorial Day weekend! Make a splash all summer long by joining a swim team, taking lessons, celebrating a birthday and more at all four of South Suburban’s outdoor pools. Swimmers can enjoy unlimited admission to Harlow, Holly, Franklin and Cook Creek pools with the Splash Pass. Passes are available for purchase starting May 2 at, or at any of South Suburban’s pools and recreation centers.

South Suburban Nature Program Expansion

The South Suburban nature program is spreading its wings! Nature programs are now available across the District as well as at South Platte Park. Watch meteors at Willow Spring, geocache at TrailMark, explore birding while biking, view a full moon from RidgeGate and much more. Learn more about new nature locations and classes at

South Suburban Race Series

Learn more and register for races at 

  South Suburban Parks and Recreation Alerts Public to Graffiti’s Financial Impact                
  June 2015               

Graffiti is writing or drawings scribbled, scratched or sprayed illicitly on a wall or other surface in a public place. South Suburban Park and Recreation District is experiencing an uptick in graffiti throughout the District and wants to alert residents about the problem and the financial impact of graffiti removal.

In 2007, the District began tracking graffiti within its boundaries. Since then, the District has incurred 1,269 incidents for a cleanup cost of $301,145. Since Jan. 1, there have been 43 incidents District-wide. Time and money spent removing graffiti could have been spent on upkeep and enhancements to parks, trails, open space and facilities. Graffiti cleanup not only costs the District, but ultimately impacts those the District serves. South Suburban has installed security cameras in frequently-hit locations to help curb the problem; however, no area in the District is immune to this activity.

South Suburban wants the public’s help in reducing graffiti throughout the District. Remind your teenagers that graffiti is illegal, and those who are caught will be issued a citation and a bill for the cleanup costs. Subsequent offenses could lead to higher fines, community service or possibly more severe consequences, such as felony convictions. To report graffiti, please call Senior Park Ranger Dan Scheuerman at 303.435.8225, or 303.435.8227 afterhours; or South Suburban at 303.798.5131.