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September 2023 Events

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New Dates: Public Hearings for 2024 Budget
Get involved and learn more about South Suburban’s major goals for 2024! District residents are invited to provide input on projects and priorities at public hearings for next year’s budget. The public meetings will be held in the Board Room at the Sports Complex (4810 E. County Line Rd., Littleton, CO 80126) on the following dates:

• September 27
• October 4

For additional information, call the South Suburban Administration Office at 303.798.5131, Monday-Friday from 8 am-5 pm.

Fall Sale at South Suburban Recreation Centers
Sept. 18-Oct. 1

Buy a 20 pack of admission punches, get 5 free. Buy a 10 pack of 1-hour personal training or private reformer, get 1 free. Take advantage of these great savings while you can! Purchase at or at any South Suburban recreation center starting Sept. 18. 

Explore South Suburban with SSPRD Bingo

Explore everything South Suburban has to offer with SSPRD Bingo! Complete a bingo card and turn it in for your chance to win a $50 South Suburban gift card or 10 admission punch passes to your favorite recreation center. 

Construction Update

The newly built Littleton Golf and Tennis facility and the Sports Dome should be completed and opening early this fall. Keep an eye out for public celebrations! Abbott, Cherry, Little Dry Creek and Linksview parks are being renovated with new play structures. Writer’s Vista Park is being upgraded with a new shelter and restrooms. All of these projects are scheduled to be completed this fall. Keep track of ongoing construction projects, learn about future plans and share feedback on projects at

September is Self-Care Awareness Month

Celebrate Self-Care Awareness Month this September! South Suburban is proud to provide facilities, outdoor spaces and programs that help community members live happier, healthier lives. Learn more about the many opportunities to form new healthy habits, including free class demos and discounted wellness classes. 
  South Suburban Parks and Recreation Alerts Public to Graffiti’s Financial Impact                
  June 2015               

Graffiti is writing or drawings scribbled, scratched or sprayed illicitly on a wall or other surface in a public place. South Suburban Park and Recreation District is experiencing an uptick in graffiti throughout the District and wants to alert residents about the problem and the financial impact of graffiti removal.

In 2007, the District began tracking graffiti within its boundaries. Since then, the District has incurred 1,269 incidents for a cleanup cost of $301,145. Since Jan. 1, there have been 43 incidents District-wide. Time and money spent removing graffiti could have been spent on upkeep and enhancements to parks, trails, open space and facilities. Graffiti cleanup not only costs the District, but ultimately impacts those the District serves. South Suburban has installed security cameras in frequently-hit locations to help curb the problem; however, no area in the District is immune to this activity.

South Suburban wants the public’s help in reducing graffiti throughout the District. Remind your teenagers that graffiti is illegal, and those who are caught will be issued a citation and a bill for the cleanup costs. Subsequent offenses could lead to higher fines, community service or possibly more severe consequences, such as felony convictions. To report graffiti, please call Senior Park Ranger Dan Scheuerman at 303.435.8225, or 303.435.8227 afterhours; or South Suburban at 303.798.5131.