Court Committee


Mission: The mission of the Court Committee is to oversee the use, care, maintenance, improvement and replacement of tennis courts and other tennis/pickleball equipment in a manner that meets the standards established by the Willow Creek Board of Directors.

Court Committee Chair: Stacy Masur
Board Liaison: Heidi Parish
Members: Michael Darling, Sara Watson, Caitlin Buckingham, Robert Parmer, Matt Bailey, Jim Ginsburg, Laura Levorsen, and Linda Johnston.

Willow Creek Tennis Club
The Willow Creek 2 Court Committee works cooperatively with the other Willow Creek HOAs through its involvement in the Willow Creek Tennis Club (WCTC). The WCTC coordinates USTA league play, tournaments, and socials across all 15 tennis courts in the greater Willow Creek community. The WCTC strives to create an active, dynamic and growing neighborhood-wide Tennis Club experience for all residents who desire to participate.
For more information about WCTC, please go to the Willow Creek Tennis Club website.

Court Care
Improper use of the courts can damage their surfaces or nets, resulting in substantial repair costs for our HOA. Bikes, scooters, children hanging on the nets, pets, and other items have damaged our courts in the past. Please do the following to preserve our courts:

  • Lock the gates every time you finish playing on the courts
  • Counsel your children and their friends about proper use of courts
  • Wear only shoes with non-marking soles
  • No pets or devices with wheels are allowed on the courts

  • If you observe anyone improperly using our courts, please report this to any member of the Court committee and include their names and phone numbers if possible so that the committee can further address the issue
  • Before leaving the court, please pick up any trash, ball cans, empty water bottles, etc., and deposit in the trash containers.
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