Volunteer Tree Planting Projects


Volunteer Tree Planting--Fall 2011

Thanks to the efforts of neighborhood volunteers, the Second Annual Fall Tree Plant held on Saturday, October 15th was a big success. 13 additional trees were planted by 7 volunteers in 6 greenbelts. Species include Western Catalpa (4), Ginkgo, Shademaster Honeylocust (3), Tricolor Beech, Royal Red Maple, Chinkapin Oak, Bigtooth Maple, and Chanticleer Pear.

Together, the Fall 2010, Spring 2011, and Fall 2011 plantings resulted in 45 new trees for the neighborhood. As you walk our greenbelts or pass by them in your car, know that the neighbors listed below were instrumental in bringing you new trees---by planting, by "adopting" a tree & watering it, or by providing water hookups on planting days. Watch for more new trees in the Spring!

Ken Carlson, Pete Cohlmia, Bob Crawford, Greg Evans, Parker Evans, Cody Field, Dutch Franz, Bruce & Carla Johnson, Warren Kercher, Holly Kerns, Jennifer Koras, Mark Levorsen, Gary Massey, Mike Morgan, Neil Morton, Jonathan Radin, Mike Rodgers, Bob Schlomann, Evan Schlomann, Robin & Dan Simpson, Kevin Singel, Will Singel, Will Stickline, Jim Talman, Jim Yilk, Beth Zykan

Volunteer Tree Planting - A Growing Project Spring 2011
In October 2010, volunteers led by Bob Schlomann, planted eight trees in our Willow Creek 2 greenbelts. It was the first installment of what we hoped to be an annual or even semi-annual event.

On May 14th Bob built on the earlier success when he instructed and led 11 volunteers in planting 24 more trees in our greenbelts. The 24 new trees were spread throughout the neighborhood and will help to diversify our tree species mix, which is currently weighted toward cottonwoods and Russian olives.

Tree Varieties
The trees planted included a Chinkapin Oak and a Pyramidal European Hornbeam in the Willow Circle Greenbelt, a Greenspire Linden in Upper Phillips Greenbelt, three Austrian Pines and a Greenspire Linden in the Ulster Greenbelt, three Vanderwolf’s Pyramid Limber Pines and one Prairie Fire Crabapple in the Valentia Greenbelt, a Saucer Magnolia in the Otero Greenbelt, a Greenspire Linden and a Mayday Tree in the Mineral Greenbelt, three Prairie Fire Crabapples, a Washington Hawthorn, a Cockspur Thornless Hawthorn, and a Hot Wings Maple in the Trenton Greenbelt, a Chanticleer Pear in the Lower Kettle Greenbelt, and two Bosnian Pines and a Thinleaf Alder in the Upper Kettle Greenbelt.

Several adjacent homeowners provided water for the plantings. Others have agreed to "adopt a tree" to ensure that the young trees obtain the necessary water if we have a dry summer.

With a $2,000 planting budget, Bob was able to obtain all 24 trees and materials such as stakes and mulch. If the trees had been purchased from and planted by a contractor rather than volunteers, Willow Creek 2 would have only been able to plant five or six trees for the same cost.

Bob has identified numerous other locations in Willow Creek 2 greenbelts and along the Yosemite, Dry Creek, and Mineral Drive right-of-ways where trees are needed to replace those which have died, or which are likely to die in the coming years. The Grounds Maintenance Committee hopes to organize a similar volunteer tree planting effort this fall.