What is Disc Golf?


Disc Golf is fun and easy to learn, where a person starts from a natural tee box and throws a Frisbee or Disc towards a target (that is equivalent to a hole in golf)

Like golf, the objective of the game is for the disc to reach the target from the tee, with as few throws as possible

A disc in disc golf is like clubs in ball golf. There are drivers, midranges and putters. There are discs for the wind, discs that curve to the right or left or hit the ground and roll. A "Disc" for disc golf is aerodynamic, hard to catch, and varies widely in size, stiffness and flight characteristics. Disc golf discs can be thrown over 800 feet.

Disc Golf is a safe, healthy, low impact, enjoyable, spontaneous activity for people of all ages, abilities, genders (nobody is excluded). It is a sport that can be played year-round and in any weather condition.

Disc Golf Courses may take on a 9-hole, 18-hole, or 24-hole configuration. Willow Creek has 6 targets already in Willow II and a plan to add a further 6 targets in Willow I, thereby extending the course. Natural targets (e.g. rocks, benches, bridges) or a layout doubling back using a target more than once could extend both courses to 2 x 9-hole configurations.

Disc Golf Courses can be found in state, regional, and local parks, private properties, and in diverse terrains and climates. Our courses will run through our neighborhood green belts, encouraging the increased use of an asset that we have already invested in. It will improve our property values as along with the other amenities will encourage people to buy in our sought after neighborhood.

A course is low-cost to implement, environmentally friendly and has little to no maintenance