Willow Creek CARES - Neighbors helping Neighbors

Introduction & Background

Willow Creek CARES is an organization designed and administered by residents of Willow Creek. The program serves Willow Creek 1, 2, 3 and West and is patterned after Caring Neighbors Inc. in Bluffton, SC and Washington Park Cares in Denver, CO. These programs were designed for residents who want to stay in their homes with the confidence and security of knowing that help is available to them. Upon learning about these programs, we contacted both organizations and they generously provided their written documentation, which we used to model Willow Creek CARES. However, our program supports any Neighbor within our guidelines.

Willow Creek CARES was kicked off with the initial surveys delivered to approximately 1700 residents in December 2010. After receiving an interest survey, the Volunteers and Neighbors requesting assistance will complete applications and releases/confidentiality agreements. All of these forms are included as an appendix to the handbook and have been reviewed by our legal representative. When these forms are returned and the background check is completed, the Volunteers are assigned to Neighbors requesting assistance.

While we strive to serve as many Neighbors as possible, Willow Creek CARES cannot take the place of a health care provider, assisted living facility, or skilled nursing facility for those who require medical care or intensive custodial services. When Volunteers are unable to provide a particular service, Willow Creek CARES may provide recommendations when possible.

It is the intent of this organization to provide short term or temporary assistance to Neighbors requesting assistance and is not intended to replace regular home maintenance services such as house cleaning or lawn mowing.


The mission of Willow Creek CARES is to provide support, services, and resources to Neighbors requesting assistance through neighborhood Volunteers. These Volunteers offer assistance within our Willow Creek community so that everyone may live healthy and meaningful lives in our own homes.

Willow Creek CARES will enrich the lives of our Volunteers and Neighbors by providing them with meaningful connections and facilitating opportunities to volunteer or by receiving assistance within our community.


WCC is administered by a Committee of Willow Creek residents. Each of the Committee Members has completed the application process. The Committee Members may all be contacted through WCC email and phone contact: or 720-323-9721.

Committee Members

Joan West
Marie Eberly
Tammy Morton

Becoming a Neighbor (Neighbor Requesting Assistance)

Any Neighbor requesting assistance is required to complete the following :
- Survey – defines how you may need help
- Neighbor Profile – includes personal information and contacts in case of emergency
- Neighbor Waiver – includes release of liability for Volunteers and Committee Members
- Committee Member Interview – Review and complete forms with a Committee Member and ask any questions regarding WCC

All of the forms are included as an appendix to this document and must be completed prior to being assigned a Volunteer.

Becoming a Volunteer

Volunteers are instrumental to the success of WCC. Each Volunteer is expected to positively represent the organization and the community we serve.

In order to become a Volunteer, we are requesting that each Volunteer complete the following:
- Survey – defines how you want to help
- Application – includes personal information and authorizes a background check
- Pledge and Confidentiality Agreement – includes your commitment to the program, a release of liability for Neighbors and Committee Members, and agreement to hold all Neighbor information confidential

Contact Us

For further information or to join WC Cares & obtain the above mentioned forms, please contact Willow Creek Cares:

Phone: 720-323-9721