Willow Way Pickleball Court Rules (Effective January 2024)  

Centennial Planning has granted WC 2 the Limited Exception for Pre-Existing Permanent Outdoor Pickleball Court(s) for the four pickleball courts on Willow Way. The Conditions of Approval cited in the letter are consistent with the provisions of Ordinance 2023-O-10, passed by the City Council in September 2023 to address pickleball noise concerns in the city.

Out of respect for our WC 1 and WC 2 residents who live near the courts, the WC 2 Board of Directors has adopted rules for pickleball play to resume on the Willow Way courts. The Board and our pickleball players are committed to reducing the noise from this activity to a level we hope will be acceptable to the surrounding residents. Centennial Planning supports working together as a community and we hope that, if despite these rules, you have a concern, you will contact the Board to explore further solutions.

One of our included rules requires players to use Green Zone paddles from a nationally recognized list developed by the Sun City Grand Community based on the results of sound study testing they performed on the most used pickleball paddles. Sun City Grand found Green Zone paddles significantly reduced the noise on their courts and the list was made available online to other communities as a courtesy. Also on the court signage, we have included QR codes for playable paddle covers, the OWL paddle (newest quiet paddle technology), and ONIX Fuse G2 pickleballs. These all significantly reduce pickleball noise.

Please find attached the Rules for pickleball play at Willow Way Courts.We appreciate any input you might want to offer.

Thank You,
The Willow Creek HOA 2 Board of Directors
Contact Heidi at 720.206.5733 with questions or concerns