Xeric Project


Ground Maintenance Committee May 2011

Upper Willow Xeric Project
The majority of the xeric project was completed in April. Volunteers included Tod McKercher, Geoff & Colton Knight, Mike Morgan, Jim Yilk, Bob Schlomann, Kevin Singel and Ken Carlson.

  Flowers included
Blue flax,
Dwarf evening primrose,
Pale evening primrose,
Blanket flower,
Prairie aster,
Dwarf Mexican hat,
Blackeyed Susan,
Dotted Gayfeather,
Rocky Mountain Penstemon,
Firecracker penstemon,
Narrowleaf penstemon,
Bush morning glory,
Scarlet Gilia,
Plains blackfoot daisy
Scarlet Globemallow.
Shrubs included
Creeping Western sandcherry,
Dwarf Blue rabbit brush,
Creeping Three-leaf Sumac,
Yellow Gem,
Fringed sage
Gabel Oak.
Grasses included
Sideoats grama,
Blue grama grass,
Blue fescue,
Indian ricegrass,
Little bluestem,
Prairie Junegrass
Sheep fescue.
Approximately 400 containerized plants were transplanted onto the site. Pine needles were applied to the soil as a weed-free mulch to control erosion and to keep soil temperatures cooler. JBK is irrigating the site three times per day to enhance establishment and then cutting back irrigation after germination.

Lower Mineral Bridge: The Rogers Eagle project to replace the lower Mineral greenbelt bridge is on track for summer 2011. Mark Levorsen inspected the bridge footings and replaced several structural members. Mike Morgan received a bid from All Concrete Works to construct concrete wing-walls and perhaps widen the gap for water flow by removing some restricting rip rap in the channel.